How to use VMDK sharing for Guest OS clustering

Operating system clustering is one of the major and popular high availability mechanism in system infrastructure products. Advantage of the os clustering is it can identify the application level failure. As a systems administrators most of the time we may need to work with MS windows failover clusters. Most of the file servers and SQLContinue reading “How to use VMDK sharing for Guest OS clustering”

Reclaim disk space on VMware thin disk

In a vSphere based virtualization environment we can mainly use two disk types(Thick & Thin).I hope you all know the difference between these two. To optimize our shared/Direct attached storage we can use thin disk. But the problem is even we delete the data from os level . It will not reclaim automatically from theContinue reading “Reclaim disk space on VMware thin disk”

VMware-Migrate iscsi traffic from standard switch to distribute switch

Option01 When we are having some extra network adapsters. We can follow below steps. In thi slab environment, we have two nics for existing iscsi connection using Vmware standard swtich. Esx01.mobilab.local have one standard switch configured for iscsi traffic Now we have configured vmware distributed switch and added vmnic4 & vmnic5 to this distributed switchContinue reading “VMware-Migrate iscsi traffic from standard switch to distribute switch”

VMVware vswitch load balancing methods

Load balancing is one of the most important thing in a virtual world. Because we are using few NICs for receiving & sending a data of multiple virtual machines. There are few policies in vmware load balancing . We will take one by one and lets have a look. Route based on originating virtual portContinue reading “VMVware vswitch load balancing methods”