VMware NSX-Configure DHCP

Login to the vCenter

Select Network & Security from Home button

Select Logical Switches

We can see that, there is a logical switch for Windows vms

We are going to configure DHCP zone for windows tier(5003 segment ID)


Just check & confirmed there are two vms


Checked the ip address of one vm.Its static IP


Go to the NSX edges

Double click on edge-1(Perimeter-Gateway-01)


Click on Manage

Select DHCP

Select Pools


Click on Enable button


Click on green colour + sign

Provide required details

Start IP

End IP

Domain name

Primary DNS server

Default Gateway

Subnet Mask


Login to the one of thevm in that logical switch.

Enable DHCP on the network connection

We can see that , machine took theIP address from our edge


If we want to do a DHCP reservation ,go to the Bindings

Click on + sign


Add record

Assign Host Name

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Domain name

*note-IP address should be out of the scope which we have created



If we still want to use our existing DHCP servers(Windows, Linux), we can use the DHCP relay function of the NSX gateway.

Go to the Relay

Add DHCP server’s IP address to the IP Sets

Add interface names to DHCP Relay Agents section( we have given windows logical switches interface)





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