VMware Storage Policies

What is storage policies-

This is a feature of Vmware vCenter. VMware administrators can create storage policies depend on the requirements. These policies can be assigned to virtual machines. Then we can easily identify that VM are placed on the correct storage layer.

Ex– We need to put development vms to SATA drives & critical vms to SAS drives.

How to do this?

To fullfill my requirment we need to creqat

Login to the vcenter

Select Tags & Custom Attributes

Select Categories

Select Add Category


Assign name for New Category

Click on “OK”


Now we have to create New Tags based on our requirement

Click on Tags

Select Add


With this example I have added two tags(SAS & SATA)

We can select Storage from category


We have created two tags as per following


Now we can create storage policies

Go to the VM Storage Policies

Click on Create VM storage policy

Assign name

Click on Next


Click on Next


Select storage from Tag based placement drop down list


Select correct tag(for this example SAS) from Tagged with any one of drop down list


Click on Next


Click on Finish

*note-Using same steps we have to create one more policy for SATA drives


As a next step we have to tag our datastores

Right click on the datastore

Select Tags & Custom Attributes


Select Correct tag(For this example I have tagged this drive as SATA


Now we have to apply correct storage policy for this.Since this is a critical vm we are going to keep this vm in a SAS drive. So I can apply Storage-SAS policy for this vm


This vm still in the datastore which has created by SATA disks. There for we can see the VM storage policy compliance status as Noncompliant


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