Backup & Restore Vcenter Appliance



    Make file as executable( we have to do it for both backup & restore files)


    Now using below command we can back up our vcenter appliance embedded database( backup location/file

    Is /tmp/backup_VCDB.bak).If we want we can download this file using winscp


    Before I run the restore process, im just removing one of the datacenter object from my vcenter web client


    Same as, we have to change as executable


    Before we start the restore process, we need to stop vpx & vdcs service. We can use below mention commnads


    Using belwo command we can start restore process

    Python /tmp/ -f /tmp/backpu_VCDB.bak



    Once restart process completed. We have to start vpxd and vdcs services


    Now we can re-login to the vcenter web client and check , deleted item has restored.


    Reference links

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