VMware-Migrate iscsi traffic from standard switch to distribute switch


When we are having some extra network adapsters. We can follow below steps.

  1. In thi slab environment, we have two nics for existing iscsi connection using Vmware standard swtich.
    1. Esx01.mobilab.local have one standard switch configured for iscsi traffic



  1. Now we have configured vmware distributed switch and added vmnic4 & vmnic5 to this distributed switch & all the ip address configured.


    3.Now we can go to the storage adapters > right click on the iscsi software adapter > Select Network configuration


    4.We can add both adapters.(vmnic4 & 5)


    1. After that we can rescan software iscsi adapter and remove old iscsi adapters which were configured with Vmware standard switch.



    With this option we don’t have any extra adapters.

    1. Right click on the distributed switch> select manage host> Select one nic which is using for iscsi traffic



    2. Select correct port group in distribute switch for port migration.


    1. We can verify IP configuration from distributed switch after migration


    1. From software iscsi adapter also we can verify that migrated nic is showing.


    1. Same steps we can apply for second nic which is used for software iscsi adapter. But we will get some error notification, but we can ignore it.


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