In version 6.0 onwards we can use pass phrase instead of password for the esx hosts. In a default password policy its disabled, but we can enable it.


  1. Login to the vcenter using web client.
  2. Select the host which we need to edit the password policy.
    1. Select manage
    2. Select Advanced System Settings
    3. Type “password” in search box and select “Security.passwordQualityControl”


  1. Edit the policy
    1. According to this policy, we need to use 16 characters which includes 3 words for our passphrase password policy.


  1. Now we can enter pass phrase as our password


How to apply same password policy to all the host in our vcenter

To do this we have two methods.

Option 01:

Configure host profile & apply host profile to the all

Option 02:

Use below powershell command to apply same password policy to all the hosts in a vcenter.