Vshere 6. 0 configure fault tolerance

With vmware HA we can configure basic protection for virtual machines, in case of host failure virtual machines will be restarted on available node in the cluster. But some of the most business critical applications need to run continue sly even without restarting.FT can use for this requirement.

With the FT protected virtual machines have two instances. Primary vm will be running on a one host and second instance of the virtual machine will be running on a different host. In case of original virtual machine failure the second instant will be continue the operation without having any data loss or connectivity loss.

How to configure FT

Configure FT network in the vcenter

Login to the vcenter server using web client


Here we have one distributed switch in the vcenter for Datacenter Site A

Right click on the distributed switch and select Distributed port Group and select New port group

  • clip_image002

Assign a name for FT port group


Click on next


Select one host> Select Manage > Select Networking > Select Vkernal Adapters



Click on “Add Networking”


Select “Vkernal Network Adapter”


Select “FT” port group


Select “Fault Tolerance Loggin” and click on “Next”


Assign a IP Address


Click on “Finish”. Do the same settings on the all the nodes in Vmware cluster


Select the virtual machine which need to enable the FT , click on Fault Tolerance Select “Turn on fault tolerance”


Select the “Datastore/s” for virtual machine disk files


Select the master server for FT enabled virtual machine


Click on Finish


Verify the FT on selecting host and virtual machine. One machine will be primary and other is secondary



Using same fault tolerance menu we can failure or disable fault tolerance


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