Active Directory Recover Deleted Items Using LDP.EXE





Here Im deleting the user object(User3).After this we can run ldp.exe on run menu to open the tool



On the ldp.exe just open the connection menu and select connect.It will prompt for a dialog box and we can just type our domain controllers name.In a my domain it’s a and im using default ldap port 389.


Again open the connection menu and select bind


Open the options menu and select control


From the load predefind: drop downl list select Return deleted objects and select ok


Open the view menu and select tree view


Now we can see all the deleted items and at last there will be user3(last delete item)


Right click on the user cn and select modify


From this windows first type isDeleted on Attribute test box and select Delete from Operation and click on enter


Again type distinguishedName on the attribute text box,Type objects cn value in the values text box(In my example its CN=user3,OU=Users,OU=BRANCH01,DC=mydomain,DC=lk)select replace from operation,click on enter


Click Extended check box on left down corner and click on run


Now we can see the recovered account in the ad.We have to enable and set the password.


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